Equal Means Equal – Documentary Film

Posted by mrmyth on August 22, 2016
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Documentary Film Equal Means Equal, the film that won the audience award for Best US Documentary in Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival is opening in 20 Cities on Women’s Equality Day. A day that the government gives women, instead of giving them actual equality. The ERA, The Equal Rights Amendment never passed. http://equalmeansequal.com/august-26th-venues/

Bernie Sanders Tells it Like it Is

Posted by mrmyth on January 08, 2016
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We Clearly Need Bernie Sanders

AT&T Throttling

Posted by mrmyth on July 05, 2015
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I just got the text message from AT&T. I have had unlimited data from AT&T and have worked hard to pay the outrageous rates and keep the unlimited plan. It us one of the reasons I’ve stayed with AT&T.

Now they hit me with this BS! How is that unlimited?

ATT Free Msg: Your data has reached 75% of the 5GB network management threshold. If you exceed 5GB this month, you may experience reduced data speeds at times and in areas that are experiencing network congestion. Wi-Fi helps you avoid reduced speeds. For more info visit att.com/datainfo or att.com/broadbandinfo

Then I searched and found this:


Shenanegans! Aren’t they getting enough money?

Go get ’em!


Practical Advice on Getting Fit

Posted by mrmyth on April 23, 2015
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I’ve been working on my fitness for the few years and I have a little advice for those who are starting on a fitness journey. I put this here for you and for my future self, who may forget this stuff from time to time.

  1. Find a workout, prepare the equipment you may need and then just start. You’ll figure it out as you go along.
  2. If you’re out to lose fat, it’s about 70% diet and 30% workout, BUT if you commit to a workout, you probably will eventually figure out the diet. If you’re doing all this work and not getting the results you want, you’ll hopefully figure out how to eat the right foods to make the exercise pay off.
  3. When you start a workout, you may not get results. In fact, you may gain weight at first. Just stairskeep going. There are reasons that your weight might go up, gain in muscle mass, water retention, inflammation, but don’t worry about that. This is where a lot of people quit. They think it’s not working. Consistency is all you need, but often change is so slow, it’s imperceptible. Just like gaining weight, your fitness sneaks up on you over time if you are consistent.
  4. Track your progress, especially calories. I use MyFitnessPal.com. Be scientific, otherwise you will listen to other people and the fact is, what works for one person will not necessarily work for you.
  5. We are all different. Our bodies respond differently to different foods. That is why you have to find out what works for you.
  6. Alcohol will slow down your diet plans. Just know that. I find that it not only adds empty calories, but also it messes up my diet for days later. That doesn’t mean you have to eliminate it, just be aware.
  7. Work out for about an hour a day. It’s only like 4% of your total 24 hours, just mark out the time and don’t let anyone mess with it. I like to say, figure out a workout time that works for you and put a moat around it. It will be better for everyone in the long run.
  8. If you exercise and get results you will inspire others. If you feel like you’re being too selfish, remember this fact: you are helping others by working out.
  9. Exercise is a natural anti-depressant.
  10. Enjoy yourself, but make sure you give yourself a challenge. Stick to a program and you’ll feel great, and you’ll be able to apply that discipline to other things in your life.
  11. Don’t just listen to random advice from people. People will tell you all kinds of things. They are usually wrong. One good rule of thumb is to look at the source. You’ll be amazed at how many out of shape people will give you workout advice. Strangely enough, as you go along, some people might not like the fact that you’re getting in shape. They might even try to stop you or tell you that you are doing the wrong thing, eating the wrong thing or working out too much. Listen to yourself and not them. Look at the numbers and see what works. See what makes YOU feel healthy, feel happy, and look good. Do that.

Go out there and get ’em and remember, “if you don’t want to keep starting over, stop quitting.”

If you need some good workouts go to the SLOB90X Beachbody Page or send me a message and I’ll recommend one to you.

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