Posted by mrmyth on September 11, 2016
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The New York times on Mark McKinnon. The power of story and how it is used to get candidates elected.

How to Win an Election from The New York Times – Video on Vimeo.

Equal Means Equal – Documentary Film

Posted by mrmyth on August 22, 2016
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Documentary Film Equal Means Equal, the film that won the audience award for Best US Documentary in Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival is opening in 20 Cities on Women’s Equality Day. A day that the government gives women, instead of giving them actual equality. The ERA, The Equal Rights Amendment never passed.

Bernie Sanders Tells it Like it Is

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We Clearly Need Bernie Sanders

AT&T Throttling

Posted by mrmyth on July 05, 2015
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I just got the text message from AT&T. I have had unlimited data from AT&T and have worked hard to pay the outrageous rates and keep the unlimited plan. It us one of the reasons I’ve stayed with AT&T.

Now they hit me with this BS! How is that unlimited?

ATT Free Msg: Your data has reached 75% of the 5GB network management threshold. If you exceed 5GB this month, you may experience reduced data speeds at times and in areas that are experiencing network congestion. Wi-Fi helps you avoid reduced speeds. For more info visit or

Then I searched and found this:

Shenanegans! Aren’t they getting enough money?

Go get ’em!